Spoken English Program

Spoken English Program

1. Personality Development Program (PDP)

2. Professional Refinement Practises (PRP)

Aplomb has its own program with a blend of Techniques & Experiences. Based on a wonderful technique commonly known as " Link System of memory" makes the entire process of teaching a fun filled activity.

Students are taught from the scratch. Students learn the basics foundation of the language like word formation, sentence structuring and pronunciation and later add on with advance program based on Integrated Grammar.

The whole Program is based on these basic Pillars :-

  • Tenses
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Conversation

Initially the class moves with pedagogy of English then Basic knowledge is given, after Basics emphasis given on soft conversation. The second block starts with Advance English with the introduction of Combinations of variety of the chapters specially designed for Aplomb Students. The Third Block of the Program starts with Integrated Grammar and Role Plays. The Fourth and the last Block of the designed program is totally focused on Personal Transformation , professional refinement and business Practises. Examinations and assessments are taken on regular basis. Before each block students are evaluated on the grounds of Written & verbal Skills. Apart from Written and verbal skills special attention is given on the following areas, like development of :

  • Asthetic Sense
  • Eye Contact
  • Voice Modulation
  • Behaviour Changing
  • Body Language
  • Stress Management

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